Play It By Ear With Guitar Tuner Reviews

Okay you have your best acoustic guitar and you are ready to play it. You have taken lessons and now it is time to play the song of your choice. You strike the first note and it sounds flatter than a pancake. The problem is not you, it is the fact that your guitar is probably not in tune. Trying to play a song on a guitar that is not in tune is like trying to paint with a wet noodle. It really does not get the job done and if it does…it does not come out exactly right. You can be the most talented guitarist in the world but if you are playing on a guitar that is out of tune then you are really limiting your ability.

Guitar Tunner Most people rely on guitar tuners to keep their guitars in top performing ability. You can try tuning it by ear but that takes a lot of skill. Tuning a guitar takes years of practice or a very rare talent. It is a skill that most people do not possess. You need a guitar tuner but first you need to read some guitar tuner reviews.

There are some excellent guitar tuners on the market these days. You can choose from manufacturers like Korg or even Fender. But with so many different manufacturers and websites you may need a gentle push in the right direction. A tuner that works for one person may not fit your needs. If you take the time and read a few reviews you can feel comfortable in the choice you make because you will know the ones that are selling and the ones that are tanking.

Guitar Tuner Reviews Serve

Guitar tuner reviews serve a very valuable function. They let you know which guitar tuners are better than others. That may not seem like such a big deal but if you are trying to choose between one of thirty different tuners, it can be difficult. Sometimes shopping online can be confusing because you cannot always get a detailed description from the manufacturer. If you read some reviews then you will know which ones got the thumbs up or the thumbs down. It saves you time and money.

  • A well tuned guitar is a necessity and the best way to get that well tuned guitar is with a guitar tuner.
  • Guitar tuner reviews can clue you in on what the most popular brands are and how well they perform. Browse the site to find out which are the best guitar tuners on the market today.

Review: Qwik Tune QT-9 Guitar Tuner

Picking out a specific tuner for your instrument really depends on what type of instrument you play. There are tuners for every instrument and even some that can be used on almost all instruments. Yet if you just randomly try out different tuners, then you will not only waste your time but your money too. Reading reviews written by customers who have purchased a specific tuner is a great way to get the inside scoop. They can save you a lot of time and money. Reviews you should definitely check out the ones for the Qwik Tune QT-9 Guitar Tuner.

Product descriptions are fantastic for a variety of reasons. The first is that you get to know what the product is capable of and what it is used for. These details are very important and the manufacturer of the Qwik Tune QT-9 Guitar Tuner does describe the product very well. It is designed to tune any musical instrument. So if you play a guitar and a bass then you are set. That sounds fantastic, right?

Well, that is where the trouble starts. If you didn’t bother to read reviews left by owners, then you would find yourself with a problematic guitar tuner. The QT-9 does seem like a great tuner for an incredible price. But customers are not satisfied with the quality, features or value. In fact they are not happy with it overall. The reviews are definitely not positive. Some found the advertised statement that claims the QT-9 was “lightening fast” at tuning was a blatant misrepresentation. They found that the tuner was incredibly slow at finding the right notes and then tuning properly. Other users found that the tuner would give the wrong pitches and notes when they attempted to tune their guitars or basses. Some could not even use it on their bass guitars because it would not pick up the vibration and pitch.

Sometimes what a manufacturer aims for and what it achieves are two very different things. The Qwik Tune QT-9 Guitar Tuner is marketed as the best tuner on the market but it falls very short of that mark. It does not even fit in the mediocre category, which is pretty sad. Yes, it is cheap, but there are a lot of tuners within that same price range that do an excellent job. This tuner is an overall failure.

Does Your Town Have “Bicycle Benefits?”

There’s a guy on a bike riding up and down the east coast pitching a program called “Bicycle Benefits.”  The guy is Ian Klepatar and BB is his program to encourage businesses to reward customers who arrive by bicycle.

Simple and effective are two words to describe this program.   A business chooses what reward to offer a customer who arrives on bike, the customer gets rewarded and everyone wins.

The program is so brilliant and effective that I’ve asked Ian to send in updates from the road.   He left his hometown near Saratoga, New York two weeks ago to start his trek around the east coast, talking up the benfits of “going by bike.”  Klepatar attended the Washington DC Bike Summit then lit out for Boston.    The first of many entries on his travels follows.

Boston, MA: Today was like so many days that cyclists and bicycle advocates know all too well.  Whether we are pushing for bike lanes on a new street in our community or getting cut-off, doored or disrespected among traffic flow while commuting to work, we know the feeling in others just “not getting it.”  Unlike the past three days since I arrived in Boston, business owners didn’t really seem to be that interested in the benefits of bicycles.  ‘You know there aren’t really that many bikers that come in this restaurant’ they tell me.  I guess in my eyes, if somebody knows how to ride a bicycle, they are automatically a biker.  At the same time just because we ride bicycles, it doesn’t make us bikers.  So I go on to tell the uninterested owner the benefits of participating in a program which promotes physical activity, helmet use, alleviating congestion and parking hassle.

The concept of the program is pretty basic.  Businesses in the community offer discounts/rewards in order to entice community members to jump on their bicycles and visit the restaurants/businesses by bicycle.  Upon arriving by bicycle and showing the affixed Bicycle Benefit helmet sticker, the individual receives the designated discount/reward.

However, just as we often struggle to convey the many benefits of bicycle paths connecting neighborhoods to community centers or the importance of complete streets legislation to our elected politicians, I too wonder why some people don’t get it…Perhaps it’s been a while since we all felt the joy and benefits of riding a bicycle.

Mellert TL580 Flashlight / Torch

Mellert TL580 Flashlight / Torch

Mellert TL580 Flashlight

+ Very bright
+ Reasonable special-offer price
+ Very good runtime

Expensive regular price
No lock-out function
Big and heavy
No holster
Below-average beam quality


First of all, many thanks to Stuart for allowing me to test this best led flashlight. Stuart often goes caravanning with his family and was looking for a reasonably-priced, sturdy LED flashlight. He bought the TL580 for €20 in a special offer at the local supermarket. From the price alone, it seems like he got a bargain as I can’t find it online for less than €49.

First impressions

The flashlight comes in a plastic packaging with three Baby C alkaline batteries. It also runs on rechargeable cells.

There are no accessories, such as spare o-rings, holster or glow-in-the-dark cap.

With its black aluminium body, cylindrical shape and tough-looking appearance, the TL580 looks uncannily like a Maglite. After checking the Maglite site, I found that this flashlight is almost as long as a Mag 3C cell. Unlike a Maglite, the beam is non-focusable.

I checked Mellert’s own description of the TL580 and found that it comes with a white CREE Q2 LED, the reflector is described as ‘specially developed’ but the lens is not even mentioned.

Screwing and unscrewing the different parts is a rather fiddly procedure – you do have to apply a bit of pressure. The batteries rattle slightly inside, no matter how tightly everything is screwed on.

The top half between the body and the bezel is sealed with a thin o-ring. The bottom half is sealed with a thicker one. However, there is no indication on the Mellert website about the water and dustproof capabilities of the torch. The torch has no clip or ring to stop it rolling on an uneven surface.

The led flashlight (you can read more about flashlight reviews and guides at here) is long and heavy (see dimensions below). This is certainly not the kind of product you can stash in your jacket pocket. For this reason, a holster would have been a useful accessory to make the light more portable. Even with a holster, however, the TL580 cannot be regarded as a serious option for outdoor activities where the size and weight of your equipment is a major consideration.


Thankfully, this is one of those lights where you don’t need an instruction manual to figure out how to use it.

The TL580 is powered by a button located between the body and the bezel. Press this and the light switches on in high mode. A series of three more clicks will enable you to cycle through the medium and low modes and finally turn off the torch. This is a welcome departure from the two-handed, click within two seconds procedure with some other torches.

Unfortunately, this function also has weaknesses. Because the button protrudes noticeably from the body, (see photo) the TL580 will almost certainly be prone to switching itself on, for example when you are transporting it in your rucksack, or in anything where it may come into contact with other objects.

I noticed this when I took the torch out with a full rucksack. It did indeed switch on while I was fumbling for my camera at the bottom of the bag. Although other flashlight producers could learn from the simplicity of this operation, a lock-out function, to prevent the light from accidentally switching on, is sorely missing here.

In addition, if the torch is on maximum mode you have to press the button three times, or twice on medium, in order to switch off the light. You can press very quickly, but this is not an ideal solution.


The Mellert website claims that the TL580 has a high, medium and low mode of  180, 90 and 54 lumens respectively. This seems plausible considering the battery configuration.
The company then spoils things somewhat by quoting a lighting distance of 200 metres on high and 75 metres on low.

The kindest interpretation of this ‘information’ is that the admen are perhaps confusing metres with feet.

On maximum mode and on a very clear night, I measured 100 metres in complete darkness. At this distance I was able to make out the number plate of a car, but very little of the car itself.

The beam is very tightly bundled at long distance, so you do not see very much at medium distances. When using the light at closer distances, the beam has two outer rings outside the hotspot. This was not a problem as it lit up everything very brightly up to 30 metres away, but those used to smoother beam patterns may not like this.

The low mode is the most useful for inside the house and as you can see, the light can also be used in candle-mode.


The flashlight is advertised to run for 50 hours on the highest mode. Words fail me here! If this is true, 180 lumens for a full two days on household batteries is incredible performance.

As I only had the light for a short time, I could not, of course, stand over the lamp observing variations in beam patterns on a minute-by-minute basis. Instead, I did a partial test by inserting three new batteries, switching the light on max and leaving it to burn overnight for nine hours. I compared the used battery output with that supplied by other new ones and was very surprised. I really could not detect any difference.


The major plus point of the TL580 is the price – or at least the special-offer price. For €20 you receive a user-friendly, bright robust light powered by inexpensive batteries which are available everywhere. The runtime on maximum appears exceptional. For long-term intensive use you can economise still further and purchase a charger and rechargeable cells. At this price, all of these benefits would have been unthinkable ten years ago.

For the non-flashaholic who just needs a bright light in and around the house, or possibly for car camping, where portability is not such a serious issue, this product may be worth considering.

However, things look rather different if you pay the regular price. For €49 or more you receive an overpriced light with cheaper material and poorer build-quality than you should expect in this price category. The lack of accessories and far-from-perfect beam are further weak points.

Moreover, the protruding switch means that your inexpensive batteries are in danger of being run down before you even use the light.

In my opinion, though, the biggest weakness is the size. For outdoor enthusiasts the light is simply too big and heavy to have any practical advantages. Most hikers and campers will certainly be far better equipped with a much smaller light and some spare batteries.

Length: 27cm (10.62”)
Width: 4.7cm (1.85”)
Weight (without batteries): 248g (8.74oz)

Epiphone Acoustic Guitar EJ-200CE Reviews

When you researching different brands and models of acoustic-electric guitar. There are so many kind of acoustic-electric guitar brands with a difference quality sounds, price, appearance and playability… for your choice.

If you really like and want to take a good or may be best acoustic-electric guitar which has high quality sounds when playing with plugged or unplugged and “must have” playability and nice appearance.

I highly recommended Epiphone EJ-200CE for you. It integrated Epiphone eSonic2 preamp and separate two pickups NanoFLex and NanoMag, revolutionary stereo pickups that help you get the excellent quality sounds.

Epiphone EJ-200CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar review


  • Jumbo body, cutaway for total upper fret access.
  • Phase switch to help prevent unwanted feedback.
  • Best playability, best fretboard.
  • Sounds so deep, the higher notes sounds nice and bright.
  • Balanced, complex tone which makes great rhythm guitarist.
  • The sounds amazing with unplugged and even better when plugged


Classic J-200 style with cutaway
eSonic™ pickup system with built-in tuner
Grover® machine heads


  • Body: Maple
  • Top: Solid Spruce
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood with crown inlays
  • Bridge: Rosewood with synthetic bone saddle
  • Pickup: eSonic2™ Preamp system, Under saddle NanoFlex and NanoMag Magnetic pickup
  • Controls: Built-in Tuner, Master Volume, Master Tone, Phase, Treble, Bass, EQ Shape, Low battery indicator, Tuner On/Off/Mute
  • Power: Two 2032 Lithium Batteries
  • Output: 1/4” mono 1/4” stereo blend
  • Pickguard: Tortoise shell style
  • Machine Heads: Gold Grover®
  • Colors: Black (EBK), Natural (NA), Vintage Sunburst (VS)

What Is The Best Epiphone EJ-200CE ?

Epiphone EJ-200CE also includes the new Epiphone eSonic2 preamp system features a built-in, easy-to-use tuner that include Master Volume, NanoFlex Tone, NanoMag Tone, Stereo Blend, Low Battery indicator and a Phase Switch to prevent unwanted feedback.

The Epiphone eSonic2 Preamp System for Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone EJ-200CE has two pickups: The soundhole-mounted NanoMag magnetic pickup and the under saddle NanoFlex pickup as well as a slider for blending the two pickups

  • Under the bone saddle is NanoFlex, low-impedance saddle pickup, highly-sensitive and ultra-responsive layers of sensor material to not only sense the vibrations of the strings but the vibrations of the guitar body as well. It is incorporated active amplification directly at the pickup too.
  • The NanoMag magnetic pickup mounted at the harmonic-rich end of the fingerboard and an integrated active circuit to capture all the highs and lows tones, including a wide range of harmonics.

The acoustic electric guitar also has two jacks, one delivers a blended signal from the pickups, the other splits them. This is a very cool feature, It is useful for stage or studio where you might want to send one signal to an amp and other directly to a board or second amp treated with different effects.

Why to choose Epiphone EJ-200CE ?

This guitar is the best sounding in its price range and beats some of the more “big” name brands out there. The tone is massive, full bass, clear in highs and nicely balanced mid tones.

Epiphone EJ-200CE – demo


  • The tuners stay in tune, even after a day of playing.
  • Very comfortable, sounds great to play Plugged or Unplugged.
  • The Jumbo body gives a deep and rich sound.
  • The tunes smoothly and stay-in the tune.
  • Both a magnetic pickup as on electric guitars and a piezo pickup for acoustics. can be balanced with each other or be used separately.
  • You can capture those acoustic tones with the NanoMag pickup and the brightness with the NanoFlex pickup .
  • The action is very good.
  • The onboard electronic tuner works very well.
  • The finish is wonderful, and there are no flaws in the guitar, everything is perfect.
  • Epiphone EJ-200CE is a brilliant guitar, is gig worthy, and very affordable.


  • The back and sides are using laminate maple wood.
  • The tone and volume seemed to suffer a bit with the string change. Personally, I like to use D’Addario strings brand which producing nice tone.


What an amazing acoustic guitar! Not only is this good acoustic electric guitar beautiful in both looks and sounds, the electronics are unbeatable and its totally affordable!

What makes some Guitars so Expensive than Others?

What makes some acoustic guitars so expensive? In this article, I hope you can get the answer.

First, we have to define that guitars are not item which mass-produced as phones, cars, or television, etc. They are really work of art that created by craftsmanship of artisans. That why we are hard to determine the exact its worth. However, I try to find out some main factors that effected to values of guitars for you. I will sort guitars out as below:

  • Level A: That is perfect guitar.
  • Level B: This is best guitar.
  • Level C: It is good guitar with cheap price.

The price in each of level is so different in different places, for instance with the same level A guitar but the price at Japan is just $500 but at USA is $2000. So why? It is very simple because in that level A you would be pay more for some “intangible values” such as brand belief, service, warranty, guaranty and so on.

Now, I show you some main factors effect to value of your guitar.


The woods are most easy to determine and measure its value in many factors of manufacture guitar.

Woods for Topside:

According quality of wood, we have (personal classification) :

  • Level A1: quality is relatively good, wood grain/ texture is not too large (young woods), less irregular texture patches.
  • Level A2: that hasn’t got any knot woods across wood grain/ texture, the grain of the wood is parallel.
  • Level A3: it hasn’t got any knot woods, the grain of the wood is parallel and are aligned.

In addition, there are many special wood have A4, A5 that is perfect woods. Of course, there are some guitars which has topside wood is low quality than A1.

The popular woods for topside are: Spruce, Cedar

Woods for Back and Side:

The woods for back and side have to harder woods for Topside. The popular woods to used:

  • Mahogany: the price is cheap
  • Indian Rosewood: it is a standard wood for back and side, the price is expensive.
  • Maple: give a special tone, the price is higher rosewoods.

The guitar with level A that have to get level A3 of wood and using premium woods as India Rosewood, Maple…


When you are concerned with woods, you just get about 30% quality of guitar. With just 30%, it like “cooking ingredient” and last 70% will depend on the way that you “cook”.

The workers who made guitars called artisans. Each artisan has special ways to produce guitars. Their feelings, experiences, technical skills will provide real value bigger than value of woods.

The level A3 of woods become perfect guitar when it is in artisan’s hands because only artisans understand and change A3 materials become masterpiece level A3.


The brand sometimes is a guarantee for value of guitar, it is hard to measured, but remember a guitar not only an item but also a works of art. As you known works of art always associated with famous brands.

Don’t be confused that just Yamaha, Fender, Taylor, Epiphone, etc called “BRANDING” because there are many guitar with personal branding in the world which has the price is higher than guitars of Yamaha, Fender, Taylor… Sometimes the value of guitars is not out of proportion to their famous branding.

When you decide to purchase a guitar, you not just get a real quality guitar but also get guarantee of branding with its prestige, heart and quality put in to every works of art.

Most of guitars with level A are always associated with famous brands or it is a works of art of artisan who put all their heart into it.

Technology for Manufacturing

This is a indispensable part of making guitars, if you have best woods and best skilled craftsman but the tools set of craftsman is only had the bare minimum of equipment, I’m sure that you just only get a guitar with level B.

However, when we called man who making guitars is craftsman that meant they have all best tools, best equipments and best technology for manufacture high quality guitars, if they are not, they just called skilled-workers.


You maybe have to spend a little of money for the services that you get when buying guitar. That is assurance have really put your mind at rest.


If you want to buy and looking for a guitar with the price under $100, you will have a guitar with level C. That is all because you can’t get a high quality guitars with that budget.

The guitar not just a device produce sounds but also a real works of art!

Choosing the Best Quality Headphones with High Quality Sounds

Best Headphones Reviews

If you looking for a pair of best quality headphone for your smart-phone, tablet, media player, computer, or other and are confusing because how to get the right one with affordable price, best high quality sounds and comfortable when wearing it? Don’t worry, you should read this post which give you some good idea before buying one.

What are the best quality headphones?

So, the first question you should know is “what are the best quality headphones? ”. After answer that question that mean you have 60% information for how to choose best quality headphones.

Some features of quality headphones

  • High quality sounds: Good quality headphones will produce full rich deep sounds with balanced across treble, midrange, and bass frequencies. There are no standard testing the sounds of headphone, the best way to test headphones sounds are be use your ears to listen them out or read reviews from other customer if you tend to purchase online.
  • Comfortable to wear: Along with quality sound, comfortable is one of the most important thing that you need consider for buying new one. Comfortable to wear that helps you enjoy music completely.
  • Protect your ears: If you wear headphone and to listen music at loud levels for extended time, that can cause hearing loss. So, you should choose headphones which designed with built-in volume limits controls.
  • Durability and Warranty for use: Normally, some famous headphone brands have warranty for long time to use

TIP: You shouldn’t listen at more than 70% of the maximum volume if you use your headphones throughout the day, and more than 80% of the volume if you use them for an hour.

So, How to choose the best cheap headphones with best quality sounds?

Before continue reading, I recommend you read this article talk about: The Most Popular Headphones Types on the Market, this help you know exactly what type of headphone do you need.

Your budget:

Set your budget before buying a headphone is always necessary. I have to say that there’s nothing call a “best” headphones. The “best” is here that depend on your set up budget because “you get what you pay for” and the way you using headphone for.

When you decide to buy a best headphone from famous brands, you are not just paying for the brand, you’re also paying for the trusted quality too.

The best quality headphone types for you:

Every type of headphone will suit for different of the purpose. You should have different headphones types for different applications like indoor, outdoor, travel, office environments and so on.

For instance:

  • For travel you should get a headphone with high-end or noise isolation
  • For sports you should get one with a right fit, water and sweat resistant
  • For video conferencing and chats you need a headphone with good noise cancellation microphone.
  • For watch TV late at night, a wireless headphone or full size headphone is best.
  • For gamers you should look at headphone with 3D/surround sounds.
  • And so on …

Where to buy and how to test a headphone:

Before you consider to purchases a good quality headphone, it’s always best to attempt to find a local store where you can try and test many headphones types by yourself and see what if suit your ears.

However, you can buy it online too, but make sure you purchase from a trusted store or trusted website that has a good return policy and good warranty, so you can try it, and if you don’t like it, you can send back without any extra fee.

Note: When you buy online, if you don’t want to buy headphones just based on what you see online. Let reading reviews online from many customers who purchased online before. Some big websites like Newegg, Amazon for reviews from real custommers and CNET, Macworld, for professional reviews.

Conclusion – Remember that “you’ll get what you pay for”

Generally, the higher price – the better quality, some expensive headphones are made with high quality materials and good technology that improving the sound quality and comfortable to use.

For instance: with $20 of headphones will sound fine, but not as good as $100 of ones. With < $100 range, you will get best quality headphones sounds for enjoy music that you have never heard before.

Acoustic Guitar Care Tips for Guitar Player

I have a little information to help guitarist keep their guitar maintained. All guitars require “health care” and periodic maintenance. I hope you will find the tips below helpful.

How to Care and Maintenance Your Best Acoustic Guitar?

  • Keep your best acoustic guitar in its case if you are not playing it. This ensures safeguard from heat, moisture and bumps.
  • Never leave your guitar within an unlatched case. It might fall out if you or someone else picks it up.
  • Do not perform your guitar with high temperature or humidity extremes. Caroling in winter season in cold minimal humidity or playing at picnics hot high humidity usually have heart breaking effects. Do not leave your guitar in a hot or cold car, even if it put in its case. These extremes may cause damage such as cracked wood or even finish checks (cracking) and therefore are not warranted by manufacturers.
  • Use a reputable polish to wash your instrument every so often – Do not use wax. When it can be clean the finish of the guitar is shinier as compared to wax. Avoid cleaners and polishes which incorporate silicone substances. They will damage the finish.

Care Tips For Your Acoustic Guitar - reputable polish

  • Keep the polish off your fingerboard as well as bridge. Those parts aren’t finished. A light layer of lemon oil applied with a cotton cloth will improve the beauty of this fingerboard and bridge. Do not place lemon oil in finished surfaces.

  Acoustic Guitar Care Tips - lemon oil

Tip: You shouldn’t use lemon oil to clean your fretboard, use rubbing alcohol or water first then use lemon oil, lemon oil is not a cleaner it’s a conditioner and if you use lemon oil as a cleaner it will trap more dirt

  • Make use of a soft cotton fabric to wipe down the strings and body when you play. This increases the life of the strings and finish clean.

Fender Treated Polish Cloth for Guitar

  • Belt buckles along with blue-jean rivets will scratch the back of your guitar.
  • Modifications such as adding pick-ups should only be done by reputable and reliable guitar shops. Do not attempt them yourself, as you might void your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Never let the instrument get wet.
  • Before changing strings look inside guitar to discover the recommended string gauge. Do not use a heavier gauge than is recommended. Lighter-than-recommended string gauges won’t likely hurt the instrument however they may affect the playability as well as tone. Specialty strings sometimes put excessive tension with your guitar. These strings may perhaps void your warranty.
  • Change strings often. A cheap guitar with new strings will often sound better than a very good guitar with old strings.

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

  • Never tune strings over standard pitch.
  • It’s not necessary to lower the pitch of strings when storing your guitar for a short while. You might consider decreasing the pitch a step or two if you’re storing it through some sort of season change.
  • Use care when removing your guitar from its case. Case latches and flanges may damage the finish.
  • A high quality guitar is, in a number of ways, like fine furniture. There’s the form versus the function. The beauty as well as the usability. Wood and glue. Good lines and finish work. Furniture is occasionally under stress once the drawers are full, but it’s heavy thick wood that always just sits. Conversely, a number of the guitar’s body parts are lower than 1/10″ thick, supported by thin braces about the size of kite sticks. The strings put it under constant stress that is the same as the weight of a person standing on it. They’re carried around sometimes daily from one environment to another. They will deserve our respect. They work hard. Treat’em such as an old friend!

by Sheppard Guitars™

How to choose the Best Kids Mountain Bikes

Everyone remembers their first mountain bikes – the best kids mountain bikes, and it’s most likely that your child will too. Make sure those memories and wonderfully significant with a quality bike. Out of all the bikes on the market, which one should you buy for your kid?

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Cobra Junior Boy's Mountain Bike (20-Inch Wheels), One Size, Orange

Diamondback Bicycles 2014 Cobra Junior Boy’s Mountain Bike (20-Inch Wheels), One Size, Orange

Choosing the best kids mountain bikes

A fool-proof way in buying kids mountain bikes for your children would be to make sure that the best kid mountain bikesbike’s size fits your kid. It would be quite odd to look at (let alone use) your toddler a large bicycle or vice versa. It may be tempting for most parents to buy bicycles that are larger than their children out of the sheer fact that children will grow bigger in a couple of years or so. This, in fact, is quite dangerous since bigger bikes often mean children will often be tip toeing for their feet to reach the ground, or your child’s hands won’t reach the brakes properly. This in turn means less control over the bicycles, and god forbid, a higher chance of accidents. Crashing makes children less likely to continue cycling.

A balance bike may come in handy if you want your child to learn balance steer best kids mountain bikesand stop before they get into a more challenging task of pedaling.

Balance bikes are bikes that have no pedals, and children just drag themselves along with their feet. To stop the balance bike children just simply drags their feet for friction, so make your kid wear shoes! Makers of balance bikes believe that children that start off with balance bikes will gain more confidence and will be used to moving on a bike with ease compared to children that don’t. Of course, as with the usual bicycle, these bikes have to be the right size, just enough for them to straddle and drag their feet on the ground to stop the bike. Children can start using balance bikes at 18 months old.

There are four groups of bikes: Pre-school, ages four to six, ages six to ten, age nine to twelve. After the last group, small adult bikes come in. Whichever group your kid(s) belong to, you should always take into account the following details:

Best Kids Mountain Bike Frame

Although aluminum frames cost more, they are often more sought after because of its lightness. Nowadays, Aluminum frames are more preferred since they don’t rust easily.


You would not want to buy your child a kid mountain bike that is heavier than them. Weight best kids mountain bikesmatters and the lightest bike frames known to man are made of aluminum. Did you notice those numbers on the ends of bikes names, like Gt 7000 or Trek 7000? If the only reason why you’re buying your kid a bike is for him or her to lose weight, it is important to know that those funny aluminum numbers at the end of the brand names aren’t only there for show.

They are temper designations for the alloy. This means you can rest easy that your big-boned kid won’t be breaking the bike frame any time soon.


Buying kids mountain bikes with large tires for small children is like buying them ill-fitting shoes. Sure, they’ll grow into them and they can walk over larger bumps, but these will be heavier and steering (walking) will be much harder to control. Just like large shoes, the chances of an accident are greater.

You might consider installing training wheels for younger riders or for children who have not learned to balance yet. You may want to raise these a little higher when your child develops a sense of balance.


Brakes are essential for a child that enjoys the adrenaline of going down long downward paths. There are two types of disc brakes, mechanical and hydraulic. Hydraulic brakes are easier for children to use, but expectedly they are more expensive.


Compared to some of us who have mastered the trick of giving our parents a heart attack accompanied with the infamous phrase of “Look mom, no hands!”, children however still need to master this awful trick with bars that are more of an upright position. Children are better off suited with handle bars that are higher and closer.

best kids mountain bikes Seat post

Bike seats are called saddles, and what supports the saddle is called a seat post. There are two types of seat posts: steel and aluminum. Steel seat posts are more difficult to adjust since they use a separate clamp head that is fastened onto a steel shaft with a couple of hexagon nuts. Despite this, they are more likely to loosen. Also, compared to aluminum, steel is much heavier and rusts.

Suspension forks

There are two kinds of suspension forks, air sprung and coil forks. Air sprung forks are easily adjusted to the kid’s height and they are lighter too. Coil forks are more particular because need springs that are lighter-weight. The most common problem on children’s forks is stiction.

Brand New vs. Used of Your Kids Mountain Bikes

It’s pretty expected that high-quality best kids mountain bikes at a decent price won’t stay long on the market. You can often get a good deal on a used bike if they’re still for sale. Parents can save a lot when buying a used bike, but you can expect the previous owner who spent so much on a brand new bike to have used it till his heart’s content so as for the condition of the components, you can’t say until you see them. That being said, you must check for obvious signs of wear and tear.

Brake pads may be the most likely part to be replaced, and maybe even the chain and rear cassette.

best kids mountain bikesAt the end of the day, the most important feature of your child’s bike should be your child’s safety. You would want your child to have an enjoyable experience without compromising his or her security one bit. In lieu with this, in case you are in a little bit of a puzzle on which bicycle to buy your child, it best to ask a second-opinion from another source such as kids mountain bikes shops or businesses or even any bicycle enthusiasts on the specifics.